2-Day Vastu Foundation Course

In 2 days Vastu Foundation Course, you will learn the basics of Vastu Shastra, scientific logics behind Vastu rules, practical Vastu techniques and easy to apply simple remedies to experience benefits of Vastu Shastra in your home or apartment.

2-Day Vastu Foundation Course
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    ₹ 17,250.00

    Vastu Acharya Prof. Dhanwant Singh

    Vastu Acharya Prof. Dhanwant Singh

    CEO, MahaVastu Bengaluru
    Prof. Dhanwant Singh

    Professor Dhanwant Singh, a philanthropist at heart, an IT professional by education and a Vastu consultant by passion is the Head of the MahaVastu Centre, Bengaluru. He was born on August 1, 1974 in the holy city of Amritsar, Punjab. Professor Dhanwant did his M.Tech and M. Phil in Computer Science from the V.M. University, Tamil Nadu.

    A certified Vastu Acharya, Professor Singh is the Founder & Chancellor of the APEX Professional University, Arunachal Pradesh. A multi-dimensional personality, his core responsibilities revolve around strategy, research execution and policy advisory on E-governance and learning Management System. Prof. Singh has been playing an active role in the establishment of a number of educational institutions all over India, and is associated with various higher educational institutions, in an advisory capacity. His focus is on globalization, open and innovative business models, collaboration, the changing workforce, outsourcing and offshoring, productivity, transparency, corporate social responsibility and national competitiveness.

    Prof. Singh has devoted himself completely to promote computer education and training in the country for the last two decades. He regards IT as a tool for massive social and economic transformation. From 1999 to 2007, he took computer education to the rural masses of India by setting up IT training centres in some of the major villages and towns of Punjab by an innovative programme called the COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION – (CSM). Prof. Singh also initiated several steps to implement IT applications in many private and quasi-government educational institutions and research centres.

    He has travelled extensively across the globe as a missionary to promote Education, National Peace and Brotherhood, and is a well-known figure in the Media. However, his journey in Vastu began when he shifted his office from a small place to a bigger area. There, he started facing legal issues and many other problems. Then, one of his staff members advised him to try Vastu, as there seemed no other alternative left which could solve his lingering problems that was adversely affecting his entire career.

    After an extensive research on Vastu Shastra, Professor Singh came across MahaVastu and VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal’s Teachings. He was completely transformed by the Vastu Guru, Dr. Bansal’s words and became his ardent follower. Today, he is a successful Vastu Acharya after completing his 6-Day Advanced MahaVastu™ Course, and has implemented practically all the teachings of his Guru, not only in his own office and house getting remarkable results, but also helping innumerable people through his knowledge of MahaVastu.

    His ultimate goal of life is to make India, the “Knowledge Capital of the World,” and this he feels can only be achieved through the Principles of MahaVastu!

    You can reach him at dhanwant.singh@mahavastu.com.

    Date & Time
    04 – 05 Mar, 2017
    10am to 6pm
    Venue ( Bengaluru )
    MahaVastu Bengaluru

    #496/9, 2nd Floor, 3rd main, 9th cross, R.M.V. Extension, Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - 560080

  • Course Fee
    ₹ 17,250.00

    Vastu Acharya Vikramaditya

    Vastu Acharya Vikramaditya

    CEO, MahaVastu Udaipur

    Vastu Acharya, Shri Vikramaditya, the Head of the MahaVastu Centre, Udaipur, was born on May 7, 1972 in Udaipur. His father, Shri Dilip Kumar Singh (Civil Engineer) owns and operates a chain of Bharat and Hindustan petroleum outlets across Bengal, Bihar and UP.

    While his ancestral place is Bundelkhand, Madhya Pradesh, he spent his growing years in Delhi, and pursued MBA from IILM, Ghaziabad. Since last 10 years, Mr. Vikramaditya and his family have settled in Udaipur.

    Vastu Acharya Vikramaditya’s professional career began in 1997, when he joined the LG Electronics as Senior Marketing & Sales Executive in Siliguri. Then he went on to work with various large corporates like the Reliance and is currently working with Videocon Ind. Ltd, Udaipur.

    Vikramaditya’s interest in Vastu arose when the Vastu done for his ancestral house gave positive results. His wife, Seema, a firm believer in Vastu has been the inspiration behind his pursuing professional Vastu with MahaVastu. Today, Vikramaditya is a qualified MahaVastu Expert and a successful Vastu Acharya.

    Vastu Acharya Vikramaditya has now completed a number of successful MahaVastu Case Studies, and already has a long list of clients in and around Udaipur. He feels that Udaipur, being the industrial hub of Rajasthan will be an important centre for propagating MahaVastu.

    Therefore, the Vastu Acharya can forsee a great future of MahaVastu in this wonderful “City of Lakes”. He says, “Half of his life’s ambition has been fulfilled by becoming a Vastu Acharya, and the rest half remains to be accomplished by propagating his Guru, VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal’s teachings to every house of Rajasthan!”

    You can reach him at vikramaditya@mahavastu.com.

    Date & Time
    04 – 05 Mar, 2017
    10am to 6pm
    Venue ( Udaipur )
    MahaVastu Udaipur

    ICON TOWER (4th Floor), Near ICICI Bank,Madhuban,, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India - 313001

  • Course Fee
    ₹ 17,250.00

    Vastu Acharya Shreel Goyal

    Vastu Acharya Shreel Goyal

    CEO, MahaVastu Chandigarh
    Shreel Goyal

    Acharya Shreel Goyal, (born June 22, 1985, Mansa, Punjab) comes from a lineage of successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, based in Sangrur with business interests in Rice, Paddy and Semi-edible Oil Mills. He finished his school and college education (BCom) from reputed institues in Sangrur and Chandigarh respectively. Right from his childhood, he developed a keen interest and acumen in sport and atheletic activities, going on to represent his district at the State Level in Table Tennis.

    Mr.Goyal joined the family business quite young, looking to value add in building efficiency in the business operations. However, his life took a set back when he met with a severe accident which left him unable to work for almost 3 years. This low phase in his life was the turnaround, bringing a deeper sense of contemplation about the path and direction of his life.

    It was during this time that Mr.Goyal was introduced to VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal, who was also a close family friend. Influenced by the MahaVastu ideology, he decided to implement certain changes which brought drastic improvements in his life. Following this, he decided to learn this unique art himself.

    After the successful completion of this course, he solved a number of Vastu-related case studies and decided to further join the Advanced MahaVastu Course held in August 2015. He felt that his knowledge of MahaVastu was incomplete and there’s much more to learn!

    He is of the opinion that “Learning is a Continuous Process, and each day, there’s something new to discover and learn in life.” He says that the prime motto of his life is to make others happy, and this is possible only through MahaVastu. He adds that whenever he solves a Case succesfully, its is satisfying not only at a monetary level but also at a deeper level, satisfying his core.

    As the CEO of MahaVastu Centre in Chandigarh, he desires to be an “Ambassador of MahaVastu” spreading the principles of MahaVastu and the message of his Guru, far and wide. In this journey of his, he is accompanied by his life partner, Poonam Goyal, who is also a firm believer of Vastu.

    Date & Time
    04 – 05 Mar, 2017
    10am to 6pm
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    Venue ( Chandigarh )
    MahaVastu Chandigarh

    House No 544, Sector 36 B, Chandigarh, Punjab, India - 160036

An Overview of What You Will Learn

  • How to select/ buy a Vastu perfect apartment to attract love, happiness, health and prosperity in 4 Steps?
  • Discover which directions ensure money flow?
  • How to create new opportunities in career with Vastu remedies like green plants in appropriate directions?
  • Learn how to overcome delay in promotion with appropriate colours on walls?
  • Vastu remedies to fasten the payment recoveries?
  • How to select positive Paintings?
  • Where to place a safe to maximise savings?
  • How to manage delays in getting Loans?
  • How to manage entrance locations that create debts?
  • How to create family harmony?
  • Know in which direction bedroom cause unwanted heated arguments?
  • Discover what causes indifference/cold response from partner? How to add passion and warmth by using MahaVastu remedies?
  • Learn to create better health and strong immunity for whole family with just keeping Health Zone Clean.
  • Learn what causes regular health issues and why medicines do not work? Also, where to keep medicines, so that you need them minimum?
  • You can avoid accidents by simply changing colours in two directions.
  • Which objects placed in certain directions cause distraction of mind and poor concentration of children, creating poor grades in school?
  • How books placed in perfect direction helps children to absorb more and reproduce quickly thus causing best performance in their studies?
  • What is the right direction and facing of Study table to ensure excellent results in studies and clear competitive exams?
  • How to control aggressive behaviour of child with simple MahaVastu remedies?
  • Learn how simple homemade Vastu solutions overcome delay in marriage of your son or daughter?
  • Learn how to avoid delay in child birth with right location of bed?
  • How to ensure retention of servants and house hold staff by locating them in an appropriate direction?
  • Learn to use Pyramids wisely for maximising a particular effect in a building.
  • Get Easy MahaVastu Solutions to Buy your Own Property.
  • MahaVastu Remedies to attract overall gains, happiness and prosperity in new house.