6-Day Advanced MahaVastu™ Course

Be intuitive Learn Advance magical Remedies. Become an Acharya

The Advanced MahaVastu course delves into your deeper self to help you work with your Sixth Sense or Intuition and perceive information about buildings, which may be a thousand miles away. Specially designed for Advanced level Vastu Professionals, the course equips you with Advanced Tools and Techniques of MahaVastu. In this course, you will also learn how to work with the Five Layers of Existence (Panchkosha) and Advanced MahaVastu programming techniques to achieve exponential growth in all domains of life for your own self and also your clients. This course specially focuses on application of MahaVastu procedures for business, industry and other commercial ventures (like restaurants, institutions, shops, offices etc)

  • How to use the Meditative State (dhyaan) for problem solving, developing a sense of intuition and perceive earth energy fields
  • How to work with Earth Energy Fields and the fields developing inside a building (also known as devtas in VastuPurush Mandala) to remove inactivity and reap more benefits
  • To perform Doordarshan Siddhi to know the building plan, colors and directions of buildings which are miles away
  • How to master your own life and achieve your goals and desires in life
  • Practical training with traditionally used tools for correcting and working with energy fields
  • How to find Geopathic stress, underground water tables and electrical cables for correcting their effects on people who are living there
  • A session on understanding Astrology to aid in suggesting effective gemstones both for clients as well as installing them in buildings to create power energy fields for quick, permanent and lasting results
  • Ways of using Gem Stones with Earth Acupuncture techniques for correcting imbalanced Energy Fields
  • Use of Tantra Philosophy in Vastu Shastra that was practiced in Temple Architecture and apply the concept for modern buildings
  • To give miraculous results with the Yogic state by using 5 layers of the being.
  • To program a sub-conscious mind of a building resident for creating magical manifestations through advanced level programming techniques
  • How to balance the Chakras, Kundalini and Nadis, cancellation of past life karmas for a better future for yourself and your clients, energy architecture of human body
  • What kinds of Energy fields are responsible for different kinds of businesses
  • Advanced MahaVastu applications in commercial places like real estate projects, industrial projects, temples, restaurants, shops and showrooms
  • To identify business conditions just by looking at visiting cards
  • Secrets of using powerful symbols in logo designs and packaging products for controlling buying behavior of the customer
  • Understanding logic behind MahaVastu remedies to create your own remedies
  • How to find lost objects in a building and use similar technique for finding problematic objects in cases where one is unable to associate the problem with a particular Vastu zone
  • This course is designed as a fully residential 6-day course where you will spend 5 complete days with Vastu Guru Khushdeep Bansal. The course is conducted in a luxury resort with an ambient setting for full immersion into Meditation and imbibing the advanced knowledge.

Vastu Guru Khushdeep Bansal will also personally look into your Astro Chart, Numero Report, Signature analysis and Vastu Evaluation for ensuring your Everlasting Growth.

* In Registration form, Fill Sizes of your Clothes and Shoes Carefully for ideal fittings.

** Rooms offered are on twin sharing basis. You can opt for single occupancy by paying upgradation cost of INR 32,000.