Principal Consultant Architect Sapna Sehgal

Head - Franchise Global Operations

Born in 1972 in a family of Bureaucrats in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Sapna Sehgal completed her B.Arch. from Nagpur University in 1995. In 1996 , after marrying her soul mate, an Electronics Engineer and Industrialist Mr. Sanjeev Sehgal, she came to Nation's Capital New Delhi. She lives in Noida with her two beautiful daughters Sparsh and Samriddhi, under the blessings of senior Sehgal Couple.

In 1997, she started her own practice as an architect and designed wide range of projects like bungalows, apartments, offices, showrooms, factories and commercial complexes for her clients. In 2004 , while designing a new factory for her own family, her husband Mr. Sehgal asked her to incorporate Vastu in their new factory's planning to ensure overall wellbeing and growth.

Initially a non-believer in Vastu, she was a bit reluctant but, finally, agreed to Mr. Sehgal's suggestion of consulting a genuine Vastu consultant.

Both met VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal to get his advice on their upcoming factory. During the planning, construction and setting up machines, Sapna found applying Vastu was quite logical, effective and made lot of sense. After feeling its profound positive effects at her own home and factories, she developed a keen interest to learn Vastu Shastra, and there began the journey to learn the science of living with more love, happiness and money.

VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal was giving lectures and answering queries of a Vastu enthusiasts group at that time. She joined that Core Group and started organising Vastu knowledge to facilitate architects with this great science. She completed maximum number of successful Vastu case studies and conducted trainings for Architects and Interior Designers. Becoming his own industry leader, her soul mate Mr. Sehgal has been her true strength, inspiration, guidance and motivation to contribute this great science for society on a large scale.

Today, she has a vast experience of applying Vastu in all types of buildings in India and abroad as well. Being a Principal Consultant, presently she is advising for Vastu compliant layout designs and interiors for industries, real estate projects, five star hotels as well as offices.

She has conceptualised MahaVastu Franchise model and now Globalising Vastu Shastra by opening MahaVastu Centres Worldwide. Under her leadership, MahaVastu Centre, Noida is setting high standards of performance in delivering Vastu Consultancy, training, publishing and designing Vastu perfect buildings.