Every MahaVastu solution helps you attract money, love, happiness, growth, peace and gains.

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Personal Consultation

Our qualified and experienced consultants draw upon the vast knowledge resource of MahaVastu, for expert diagnosis of your problem and identify optimum solutions to give you quick result.

Vastu Check Report

Our Experts study your building plan to understand the causes for your problems. When symptoms match 100% with Vastu reasons for a problem, there is no need for a site visit.

Numero Power Report

This Numero Power Report unlocks the same secret Kabbalah Numero code of Hebrew numbers used by eminent celebrities and luxury brands.

Astro Benefit Report

After detailed analysis, our Experts recommend appropriate gem stones, beneficial colors, your soul mantra and most powerful directions related to planets to attract money, health and prosperity.

Expert Visit

A senior MahaVastu Expert personally visits your building. They will observe and make a detailed practical study of the entire building. This includes minute details about the interiors, objects and infrastructure.

Vastu Planning

If you are going to construct a new home or office or factory, it is always advisable to ensure Vastu compliance in the structure right from the beginning to get the best results and avoid any structural changes later.


Assures Desired Results

Be assured for the desired solutions. MahaVastu has the best resources which give you solutions as per your convenience.

100% Authentic Solutions

Our trained experts offer great and 100% authentic solutions. All MahaVastu products are genuine and authentic, which ensure viable solutions.

No Structural Changes

WE offer solutions without any structural changes. Unlike, other contemporary Vastu Experts, MahaVastu believes in giving solutions and remedies in a logical and scientific way. Vastu faults can be corrected without demolition with the use of simple MahaVastu remedies like coloured tapes and bulbs.

Expert Advice

We have a team of well qualified Architects, Interior Designers and MahaVastu Experts. The solutions are advised only if symptoms match with the problem. Our team offer you expert consultation on how your home can bring you more Money, Love, Health and Prosperity.


I am planning to construct a new home, how can I make it Vastu perfect?

LIf you want Vastu-perfect structure right from the beginning, it’s advisable to go for a Vastu Planning Design. MahaVastu Consultants, who are also qualified architects will design and plan Vastu-perfect building for you. http://www.mahavastu.com/new-building-design.html

Is Site Visit necessary?

Site visit is not necessary in all cases. In order to do deeper analysis of your home which directly affects different aspects of your life like money, growth, career, business, gains, health, family, harmony and children’s education, sometimes site visit is recommended. http://www.mahavastu.com/mahavastu-site-visit.html

I want to avail personal consultation. How can I book the appointment?

For booking appointment of any MahaVastu service, you can either visit www.mahavastu.com or call at +91 120 410 1990, +91 120 410 1991, 1800-1035-268 (Toll Free).

My husband is not able to get a suitable job. We are also facing cash crunch. Please suggest if MahaVastu services can help us.

More than 12,000 successful case studies are a documented proof that MahaVastu has solution to every problem and that too without demolition. You can book appointment for personal consultation and meet MahaVastu Expert. MahaVastu methodology undertakes a 100% matching of symptoms and reasons to give you effective solutions to your problem. http://www.mahavastu.com/meet-your-vastu-expert.html

I am redesigning my house. Can I make it Vastu perfect?

Ofcourse, you can make your home Vastu-perfect. Easy and practical solutions can be deployed at your home to make it Vastu-perfect. You can get Vastu Check Report from MahaVastu Expert, for which he will study your building plan to understand the causes for your problems and accordingly suggest you the best remedies and solutions. http://www.mahavastu.com/get-accurate-vastu-analysis.html

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