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Trainer - VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal

VenueThe Grand, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Date & Time - 17th - 20th September, 2015

Course Fee - Rs 65890/- per person

Office AddressA 103, Sector 65, Noida - 201 301, Uttar Pradesh, India

Email - ask.ncr@mahavastu.com

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Course Overview

After a successful completion of the 4-day course, you will receive a “MahaVastu Expert” Certificate from the MahaVastu Institute for Research in Architecture.

To know more benefits of this 4-day course, see the MahaVastu Coursebook contents. The Coursebook is a compendium of about 125 case studies with detailed explanation for a better understanding of the art of Vastu Shastra.


Coursebook Contents


  • Understanding the basics with step by step procedure to evaluate effects of any building and deciding effective solutions.
  • How most successful Vastu Experts create desired results?
  • Discovering Power of Directions.
  • How to read a Compass and find direction?
  • Determining the Facing of any building.
  • Recognising 16 Directions inside any building.
  • Area occupied by each direction inside a building for practical working.
  • 4 Step Method to evaluate effects of a building.
  • Effects of an Entrance Location.
  • Evaluating the effects of each room and activity (e.g., Drawing room, Bedroom, Toilet, Store, Kitchen etc.) in each of the 16 directional zones.
  • Locating the presence of Five Elements in each of 16 directions and finding their balanced or imbalanced states.
  • How imbalance of five elements is creating problems and unwanted situations?
  • How objects like T.V., Computer, Mixer, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner etc., create an effect in 16 directional zones, thus creating problems or benefits?
  • Learn how to read and make a to the scale map of a building for an accurate Vastu diagnosis.

Deeper Understanding for Mastering the Art

  • What creates effects in a building? Understanding the earth energies and powers inside a building.
  • Decoding 45 secret powers of Vastu Purush Mandala.
  • How to utilise the 45 Powers to create miraculous results?
  • How powers dominate different directions and manifest in the form of five elements?

The Five Elements

  • Understanding five elements.
  • Chemistry of five elements to derive effective solutions and remedies.
  • Understanding relationship of five elements with 16 directions.
  • How to decide where staircase should be clockwise and where it should be anti-clockwise to avoid any negative effect?
  • How to judge and evaluate the presence of five elements in different directions in their physical form and in the form of colours, shapes and attributes? How to create balance amongst them for everlasting success and prosperity?

Advanced Tools and Techniques

  • Advanced tools and techniques for diagnosis of a building to decide appropriate solutions and remedies.
  • Doing MahaVastu Bar Chart Analysis to find out zonal strength of directions.
  • Most effective management of Cut and Extended part of any building without constructional changes.
  • Learn to use mirrors creatively for treating cut portions in a building and avoid demolitions.
  • How to apply Vastu for irregular shaped plots?
  • How to get benefits of Vastu in an Apartment? And, Duplex home?

MahaVastu Techniques

  • Learn most effective MahaVastu techniques that help in avoiding demolitions and ensure desired results.
  • Learn the timeless wisdom of facing the right direction to increase your productivity and performance in any endeavour like education, sales, negotiation, meditation and influencing.
  • Learn to evaluate most powerful seats in any room for controlling, influencing and negotiating to win over hard and difficult dealings - most popular at the time of Chanakya.
  • Learn the most secret art of Vastu Shastra - Bhu-Marma-Bhedan (Earth Acupuncture) technique which was used to stabilize negative effect of earth energies by royal vastu experts in 700-800 B.C. in ancient India.
  • Learn the rare technique of using sea-salt and semi-precious stones for removing negativity in any space.
  • Learn to use pyramids wisely for maximising a particular effect in a building.

Management without Demolitions

  • Art of Balancing the negative effects of Entrance location. How to nullify negative effect of an entrance with colour strips at threshold?
  • Learn to place the five great elements (air, water, fire, space and earth) in their ideal directions for creating an absolute balanced state for more success, abundance and prosperity.
  • How does location of drawing room control your social influence? How to correct if needed without relocating it?
  • Learn balancing the activities in wrong directions. How to utilise different colours of lights and bulbs to increase or balance power of any directional zone?
  • How to treat effectively wrong toilet location and extended portions of a building with metal strips in the floor and avoid reconstructions?
  • How different types of plants in different directions control the outcome of actions performed in a building?
  • How to evaluate influence of objects and appliances like T.V., Mixer Grinder, Music System and Instruments, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, A.C., Microwave and others? How to use them as effective Vastu solutions in any building?

MahaVastu Remedies

  • Discovering the secret power of symbols. How symbols react with earth energies and powers in a building?
  • How to use most powerful symbols like swastika and aunkar for more power, confidence and enhancing mental powers?
  • How to use the symbol power as MahaVastu remedies?
  • Live examples of usage of symbols, shapes and mandalas, since ages, in buildings and temples.
  • Effectively using powerful symbols in modern context. Learn utilising age old tested simple remedies like Kuber, Surya Dev, Nandi Bull, Chessboard, Sword, Kamdhenu Cow, Inder Dev, Red Elephant, etc. for money, health, wealth, skills, prosperity and many other positive effects.

Beneficial Interiors

  • How do sculptures like Kuber ji, Nandi Bull, Inder Dev, Red Horses, etc can be utilised for bridging communication of inner space with the universal space of a building for powerful results?
  • How to select beneficial paintings and other interior decoration objects for prosperous living?
  • What are the simple solutions like placement of family photographs in family lounge to strengthen family bonding and harmony?
  • Learn the secret method of using shlokas and mantras as wall display that was used to empower temples since ages. Now learn to use the power secrets at your home and office to create desired results.


  • How buildings and earth energies affect your health?
  • Relationship of organs with directions.
  • When location of master bedroom starts deteriorating your health and personal relationships? How to treat with simple yet most powerful MahaVastu remedies and techniques?
  • How to do effective remedies for health problems?
  • Case studies for health.
  • When location of toilet causes incurable disease, financial losses and heavy negativity? What are the tested and most powerful cures when you cannot relocate it?


  • How does location of children's bedroom affect their performance in studies and overall growth?
  • How placement of study room or table can influence career and education positively or negatively?


  • How to get new opportunities in career, learn simple and easy to do remedies.
  • Getting successful social connectivity and political benefits with power of symbolic MahaVastu remedies.
  • Where to keep valuables in your dressing room when it is located in the wrong direction?


  • Most effective remedies for Money
  • How does store influence your recoveries like payments and health? Learn how to manage?
  • When kitchen in south-east direction starts obstructing money flow. What are the effective solutions when you cannot relocate in an ideal direction?
  • How to unleash the powers of a building to attract money from all directions?


  • When guest room location makes your guest unhappy and increases their frequency of visit at home? Discover the home made Vastu remedies.
  • How to ensure retention of servants and house hold staff by locating them in an appropriate direction? What are the remedies otherwise?
  • How does vastu influence pets' health and behaviour? Know the ideal direction for pets?
  • What kind of vastu faults invite departmental problems? Simple remedies as safeguards.
  • Most effective and powerful remedies for theft and accidents.

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