4-Day MahaVastu Course Kit

MahaVastu Course Kit

(You will get an essential Vastu kit (worth Rs. 22500*) For scientific evaluation of any building.Then only, you can work out most effective solution and remedies. This helps in avoiding any constructional changes or demolitions.)

  • course book

    MahaVastu course book is a step-by-step guide and complete Vastu Shastra manual for easy reference. Course book is in A4 size with more than 525 pages filled with detailed explanations for almost each aspect of life like health,money,education,career,etc. it has more than 125 case studies for easy understanding of Vastu Shastra.

    Rs. 15000
  • shakti chakra

    MahaVastu Shakti Chakra is an essential tool to give expert vastu advice. Also, For easy and quick eveluation of any building plan.After Learning how to use'Shakti Chakra" in MahaVastu course, you can instantly tell vastu reasons for every problem in any building. This also helps in suggesting the most effective solutions and remedies. A MahaVastu product.

    Rs. 2500
  • compass

    The best compass to find directions accurately. An eyepiece feature in this compass helps in reading directions with an accuracy of 0.5 degree. A Level meter embedded on the surface of compass provides more precision in compass reading and helps avoiding inaccuracy due to level differences in handling.

    Rs. 2500
  • template

    The furniture template helps in locating essential furniture of any building in a plan. For vastu evaluation and procedural reporting, this as an essential accessory for every vastu expert.( A Rotring product)

    Rs. 550
  • measuring tape

    A light weight 10-meters long measuring tape to measure building. Measuring tape is used to make-to-the-scale plan-must for accurate vastu diagnosos of a building.(A Freemans Product) ( A Rotring product)

    Rs. 90
  • scale

    A triangular and engineer's ratio scales used in making to-the-scale plan.(A Rotring and Isomer's product)

    Rs. 200+50
  • stationary

    Premium quality stationery items like colour Pencils and set of 4 Steadtler Pens.

    Rs. 380
  • bag

    A specially designed bag for busy Vastu professionals. Quickly accessible extrenal pockets facilitate easy functioning on sites for Vastu experts. A zipped pocket gives proper space for visiting card,mobile phones,passport,wallet and other accessories. in this bag,you can carry your laptop,vastu files and mahavastu workbooks.

    Rs. 4800

*Considering discount for MahaVastu alumni