MahaVastu Experts Yashvant Sahu

CEO of MahaVastu Raipur Centre

Mr. Yashvant Sahu is a 43-year old Electrical Engineer, born on 20 th May, 1971 having his hometown in Bhilai. His father was a Government Servant in SAIL, Bhilai. Yashvant is well settled in life with wife (Dr. Seema Sahu, a Homeopathic Doctor) and two children. However, he always had the inherent desire to do something different and unique in life.

He always wanted to give something to the people or the society, as a whole or rather do something which he couldn't do or achieve in his daily job profile. He was involved in a number of business ventures during his service tenure but could not succeed in any.

In 2004, he became a Real Estate Agent and remained so till 2009. However, in 2009, a turning point came in his life, and he left his job. He had really done well as a Real Estate Agent which was his own business, and had become the successful owner of two hotels and one school.

However, the year between 2012-13 proved to be quite unfortunate for him, as he had major disagreements with his partner which obviously, affected his business adversely leading to major losses. Nonetheless, the actual turning point in his life came when somebody suggested to conduct the Vastu of his house. A lot of reconstructions and demolitions took place in his house. Yashvant was also suggested to meditate or engage himself in Dhyana for at least 30 minutes a day!

He then started his extensive research on Vastu Shastra in Google, where he discovered MahaVastu, went through the entire Website thoroughly and came across the numerous videos of VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal. Mr. Yashvant Sahu was instantly attracted to the teachings of this ultimate Guru of Vastu Shastra, and became his follower. He found all his words true to life and extremely logical and practical.

From that day onwards, Khushdeep ji or popularly known as KB sir, among his friends, associates and colleagues became Yashvant's Guru, Philosopher and Guide. He also successfully completed the 4-Day Course of MahaVastu and has today become one of the esteemed Franchisees of MahaVastu. He feels that after being a part of the MahaVastu family, he has found the right direction in his life...!