Problem Solving Techniques

MahaVastu is a Research-Based knowledge with focus on problem-solving. Just like Medical Science, MahaVastu starts with accurate diagnosis of the problem. This is followed by corrective remedies with no demolitions. Right from diagnosis of the problem to getting the desired results, it lays down a systematic procedure. At each step, it offers Scientific Tools and Techniques which facilitate moving ahead to next step with utmost reliability and precision.

These Tools and Techniques, an original research work of VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal, are now being followed successfully by hundreds of MahaVastu Experts worldwide. These impart them the highest success rate in the world, viz., over 95%. These are so easy, logical, and practical, even those, having elementary knowledge of MahaVastu, are making good use of them.

1.MahaVastu Procedure Flow Chart

MahaVastu suggests 32 Entrance Locations possible in a house. Each of these Entrance Locations has an independent effect on the lives of the residents - some of these act favourably while others do not...

An outcome of successful application of MahaVastu on more than 10000 case studies, this Flow Chart clearly guides you on how to proceed 'Step-By-Step' in a practical case study...

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2. MahaVastu Bar Chart Method

VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal has developed a scientific procedure to evaluate the strength of each MahaVastu Zone. This procedure is known as the MahaVastu Bar Chart...

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3. MahaVastu Techniques

In total 16 MahaVastu Techniques are used to remove the Vastu faults in a building. These are very powerful and effective techniques, at the same time very easy to do...

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4. Space Programming using Power Symbols

While working with Power Symbols in MahaVastu Programming, you should be very cautious; they are the final finishing touches, to be performed in the building, in order to complete the process of desired manifestation...

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