Vastu Acharya Chetan Patel

CEO, MahaVastu Houston Centre

Multiple-motel owner in Houston (Texas), Mr. Chetan Patel was born in a business family on October 3, 1963, in Mumbai, India. In 1989, after graduating from the Commerce stream, he moved to Los Angeles, United States of America. In 1995, he moved to Houston with his family and started his career as Manager at a Retail Store. He then started his business in the Motel industry.

Mr. Patel developed a keen interest in studying Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Numerology and even Past Life Regressions. Upon studying for more than a decade from different masters of respective fields, many questions in his mind remained unanswered such as the mystery behind the influence of earth energies and built-up environment on life and behavior of the people living in these spaces.

Finally, Mr. Patel got all his answers when he studied MahaVastu, its scientific and logical approach and learned its simple remedies to get benefits without demolishing buildings. He studied and trained in Vastu Shastra from Vastu Guru Khushdeep Bansal and decided to apply MahaVastu techniques and remedies in his home, motels and business places.

Amazed at the results for creating more love, happiness and prosperity through MahaVastu, Mr. Patel decided to take the wisdom of the ancient times as well as contemporary and authentic research work of Dr. Bansal to the USA by establishing a MahaVastu Centre at Houston, Texas.

Mr. Patel went on to learn Jaimini Astrology from the world authority on the subject, Shri K.N. Rao and Past Life Regression Therapy from WEISS Institute under Dr. Brian Weiss. He also completed the MahaVastu Course and Numerology studies at MahaVastu Centre, Delhi.

Currently, Mr. Patel is completely dedicated and well-equipped to guide people from across the globe on Vastu and exploring their full potential in living an excellent life. He lives in Richmond (Texas) with his wife, Mrs. Ina Patel and three sons, Kartik, Hardik and Dhruv.