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You will get this essential Vastu Kit for quick scientific evaluation of any building. This Kit will help you find out most common Vastu Defects in the building which will form the basis for most effective solutions and remedies without making constructional changes & demolitions.

  • course manual

    Vastu Foundation Course Manual is an easy reference for the Course participants. Consisting of 196 pages in 200mm x 270mm (Portrait) size, this handy reference manual is filled with detailed explanations on all the aspects discussed in the course like effects of rooms and interior objects in 16 Vastu zones, health, money, child education and career.

  • shakti chakra

    MahaVastu Shakti Chakra A quick reference tool to know which direction is causing problems when you have just a building plan in your hand. You can place the Shakti Chakra on it and precisely tell the problematic Vastu causes. An asset of a Vastu Consultant.

  • compass

    An Oil-filled Magnetic Compass to find directions accurately. Only an accurate marking of North direction paves way for accurate Vastu analysis of your building.

  • reckoner

    MahaVastu Ready Reckoner (Deck of 52 laminated Cards), specially designed for intuitive Tarot Card Reader. This Ready Reckoner is loved by both - amateurs and professional Vastu consultants. It helps in referring and explaining MahaVastu concepts in nutshell.

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